Composite Material Resin Series
Composite Material Resin Series

Tennis and badminton racket, Golf clubs, Fishing tackle,

Composite bicycle, Model car, UAV vehicles, Automobile accessories,

Helmet, Boutique box, Loud speaker, Artificial legs, etc.

Composite Material Resin Series are:

1. Prepreg Series
Choices of: High stiffness, High impact, Flame retard, High Tg, High heat conductive,
High electrons conductive and Nano Toughen systems.

a. Solvent Type
b. Hotmelt Type
c. Reaction Type Hotmelt
d. High Tg at 160oC/180 oC/200 oC/245 oC Series
e. Low Temperature Cure at 80 oC/100 oC/110 oC Series
f. Thermo Plastic Series
g. Nano Taughen Series

2. Filament Winding Resin System
a. CNG Vessel (Conform to ISO11439)
b. LPG Vessel (Conform to TUV)
c. Golf Shaft Winding System
d. Dry Type Transformer Coil Wire Winding
e. Industrial Pipe 160 oC/180 oC/200 oC Series
f. MiL Specification Approval Series

​3. Vacuum Injection System or RTM
a. FRP Yacht, Hobby Cat Series
b. Motor Parts Injection
c. Landing Gear Parts
d. UAV Infusion System
e. Insulation Switch Gear
f. Carbon Printing Roller
g. Transmission Shaft

4. Pultrusion System
a. Robot Lifting Arms
b. Sporting Goods Parts
CFRP Laminate
d. MiL Specification Approval Series

5. Hand Lay-up System
a. Choices of : High transparency, Crystal clear, Fast gel and High HDT systems
b. Challo case, Engine hood, Auto interior parts, Seat compartments, Aviation miniatures
c. Speaker cone, Kick board & Scooters.

6.  Eopxy Foaming System
a. Sailboard, Surfboard
b. Sandwich structures
c. Auto spoils interior parts
d. Wall cladding board
e. Structural filling foam

7. TP Thermo Forming System
a. Fabric fixing agent、Fabric edge sealer
b. High impact resist thermo forming electronic parts
c. Speaker cone
d. Safety shoe toes, Shoe soles
e. Artificial legs, Instant casting & Splinting, Medical insoles
f. Flame retarded fabrics

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