Industrial Adhesives Series
Industrial  Adhesives Series

Apply into different types of industries:

General purpose, Electronic, Electrical, Machinery,

Sporting goods, Aviation parts, etc.
Features of Structural Epoxy Components Adhesives:
One-component, Two- components, Temperature resistant type, Transparent type, Anti-sag type,
Heat conductive type, Solvent resistant type, Fatigue resistant,Thermocycling resistant,
Low temperature resistant, Weathering resistant, Chemical resistant, High voltage resistant.

1. Electronics Application
IC component packaging, Module packaging, Fluorescent lamp transformer,
Fiber optic cable joint packaging, Telecommunication cable joint packaging,
Power distribution packaging,BGA substrate, Silicon walfer module, Battery sealing,
Black and red adhesive, LED lampshade,Steel core lamination, Radiator bonding,
Electronics sealant, IC waterproof packaging, Speaker core assembly,
Solar walfer processing adhesive.

2. Electric Machinery Application
Power tools, Motor stator, Gel coat adhesive, weight balancing,
Transformer shockproof and noise damper, Microwave coil varnish,
High temperature adhesive, Starter motor, Power walker.

3. Sports Equipment Application
Golf clubs, Bicycle frame fork, Tennis racket, Fishing tackle, Baseball bat, Sled, Ski,
Surfboard, Sailboard, Skateboard, Canoe, Model car and motorboat, Ultralight helicopter,
Glider, Yacht accessories, etc.
Tacky resin, Carbon parts putty, Pinhole gel coat, Adhesive primer, Light putty,
Epoxy foam, FRP pipes, Stickers, Fabric fixing agent, Fabric edge sealer,
Honeycomb core film adhesive.

4. Automobile mechanics Application
NC slide rail, Printing roller, Transmission bar, Laser jig adhesive, Oil filter series,
Ignition coil, Radiator, Condenser, KT assembling, Carbon fiber part assembling,
Automobile head lamp adhesive, Electric vehicle, Micro composite vehicle assemble,
Metal surface treatment agent, Machine grouting, Rail connecting casting, Insulating adhesive.

5. ​Hardware and Accessories
Hand tool adhesive, Hammer adhesive, Hardware parts, Metal furniture, Gardening hardware,
Hard plastic adhesives, Sanding wheels, Brush, Ornament adhesives, Jewelry assembling,
Stained glass, Crystal-like epoxy, DIY application.

Building Materials
Carbon fiber reinforcement laminate, crack injection, Grouting, Chemical Anchoring,
Steel jacket coating, new to old cement bonding, Pre-stressed concrete slab adhesive,
Foundation grouting, Acid resistant brick bonding, Marble adhesive, Aluminum wall cladding adhesive,
Toxic-free plywood adhesive, Fireproof board, Black and white glue.

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